Welcome all to the 2016 season

Welcome to the 2016 season!

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Club Photos

Club photos will be held at Hunter fields, towards the back of field 1

and we will notify everyone

when we resechdule them due to the rain.

Attention All

It has come to our attention that there is alot of rubbish being left behind after games and training nights.

We ask that any rubbish be placed in bins provied

It is becoming an issue with the alcohol cans and bottles as well.

We are happy for our players to have a drink after their game and training nights, as we are one of only a few clubs that allow drinking at our grounds,

And all we are asking is that you drink in the designated area (inbetween fields 1 and 2) and no glass bottles.

If this rule is not adheard to we will have no choice but to ban alcohol altogether

Junior Presentation

We have set a date for the junior presentation this year.

Sunday the 18th September.

Please keep this date free as fun will be had by all.

Funraiser Chocolates

We have excess stock of fundraiser chocolates which the club is now selling to anyone interested for only $30 a box.

Please enquire at the canteen for all chocolate sales.